About Us

Hemen Patel and his kids are the founders of WasUpCrowd.com. First off, my kids (Miloni, Aryaa and, Aarav) inspired me to build a social network better than Facebook because none of their friends liked FB and most of them are not on it. They wanted a better option to socialize with their friends. This idea (pain point) of theirs became my passion.

I knew it will be challenging and an uphill battle to topple Facebook. I told my kids it is going to be tough. I mean Facebook is big. Who in their right mind would want to challenge them. Their words of wisdom ‘Dad, you can achieve anything when you put your heart & soul into it’ triggered this journey. Of course, they repeated what I taught them. They gave it back to me. It was time for me practice what you preach.

People are fed up, pissed off, tired and bored of FB. They need a better and a pure social networking experience and WasUpCrowd is the better option.

The market needed a challenger and WasUpCrowd is the challenger.

Russ Shirley is that guy that’s always on social media. He recognized that it is time for a positive change based on all the negative engagements on social media. Russ joined (co-founder) WasUpCrowd to offer a clean, private and secured social network. It was important for his family.

With a smart business sense and an even smarter street smarts (he’s help raise three kids, after all). Russ knows what works in the digital sphere. A strong proponent of authentic conversation and kicking fake news to the curb. WasUpCrowd offers a better social experience for both his family and friends.

Russ also co-founded and organized of the Cincinnati Digital Xchange, which met monthly to better understand new and upcoming trends, marketing strategies, and measurement/evaluation of performance of all things digital (e.g., social, location-based services, mobile).

In 2012 Russ began guest-lecturing with his teaching partner Ike Brunner to undergraduate classes on digital and social tools for personal branding and professional advancement. Russ and Ike began teaching the “Social Media & Personal Branding” course at Wright State University in fall 2013 and continued to teach until 2016.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to disrupt social networking positively by challenging Facebook. There is a new player in town that wants to see the end of Facebook. You can say WasUpCrowd is the savior and future of social networking.

WasUpCrowd is one of the brands owned by Next Wave Disruptions (www.nextwavedisruptions.com), which is a technology company dedicated to bring about positive disruptions to the world using smart intelligent technology. Moving forward CHANGE is coming your way. Be prepared to be amazed!

Our Team – Making the Dream Come Alive

WasUpCrowd has been developed by a passionate team who has put their blood and sweat to develop a great social network. Without the team, this journey would not have been possible. This team has made our dream come true. I would say they have created a work of art in the field of software.

The WasUpCrowd family consist of DynamoLogic Solutions (our software development team), Dipan Patel (my beloved brother who spent nights to make sure the design was perfect), Jamshed (the captain of the development team) and Tushar Mistry (the IT guy who makes things happen in the backend). All of them have worked on something amazing that will change the landscape of social media forever.

We invite you to join WasUpCrowd.com and experience the new amazing social network. Come on in and join the party!